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Results: Truckee Meadows Regional Growth

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Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency (TMRPA) forecasts that in 20 years the population of our Truckee Meadows region will grow by about 98,000 people, or 22%. What best describes your thoughts about growth in our region?

(319 responses by locals)
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I don't like the idea of growth

Growth happens and we will deal with it

Growth is beneficial and I welcome it

Not Sure

When thinking about growth in the Truckee Meadows region, which of the following, if any, are you concerned about as a future problem? (You can choose more than one).

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Sewer and Storm Water Management


Jobs and the Economy


None of the above


Unfiltered responses
Impacts on Local Environment
our ability as a community to have planned appropriately for this and all growth for our infrastruc
Cost of Living
insuring the development is quality and not a future socr areas. Quality of life must be considere
Flood Management
Emergency services expansion (fire and police depts)
Environmental issues
Increased influence of liberal-minded Califonia transplants
law enforcement, quality of life, transportation
Mental health and other Healthcare access
Cost of living for low income families
Inequity & social justice issues
New business are given an exemption on taxes and pay none, while the tax burden is on homeowners.
Negative impact on the environment; loss of small-town feel.
Respecting rural rights, wells & septic.
Environmental conservation and preservation; natural resources; renewable energy resources
homelessness and the services that provide for the less fortunate
Quality Public Transportation (to reduce traffic), Smart Growth (grow up, not sprawl)
Sprawl and suburban wastelands instead of building in the central city.
Infrastructure to support growth in all areas noted above
easily accessible open space and trails, air quality, waste management
Walkable and bikeable community
Unplanned or poorly planned growth
Lack of public transportation and the planning for it
Qualifiedpeople on the planning commission.
Public Safety, police, fire, health
Environmental impact
Unmanaged growth/ mixed zoning causing devaluation of existing properties
Police and fire services
Air quality, public transportation
Being a reitrd person with limited income what will the housing situation be? It is difficult now.
Increased taxes for government services and infrastructure.
drought every year, schools overcrowded, traffic horrible, building more homes adds to problems
Investing in public transit NOW will help tremendously with the traffic to come
All of the above
Recreation opportunities
Youth services and recreational.

What three words would you use to describe your hope and vision for the future of our Truckee Meadows region?

(283 responses by locals)
Unfiltered responses
Thoughtful, Careful, Sustainable
sustainable life quality
potential, safe, innovative
God Blessed People
Cost effective living
moderate QUALITY growth
A renewed system
Safe beautiful clean
Inclusivity, Conservation, Education
Controlled planned growth
Truly sustainable planning
A clean, well adjusted and united community.
Better schools, economy
Better commute
Less intrusive government
Employment and educational opportunity
Positive and planned growth
It is inevitable that our region will grow but we need to plan better for the growth.
Form follows function
Modern, Tech-Friendly, Welcoming
quality, attractive, sustainable
Better education system.
Opportunity community inclusivity
Harmonious collaboration of all governmental agencies within the Truckee Meadows creating a clean an
Plan, then build.
Stressed, infrastructure not keeping up with growth, short sided
Expanded technology jobs
peace, prosperity, kindness.
Spiritual revival
small community ownership
Sustainable, prosperous, innovative
Well planned growth
That the quality of life is not compromised by overstimulation of growth.
Entrepreneurial, cultural, outdoorsy
Ecological human friendly
Continued beautiful area
SReno continues to be built out with no rec facilities. Still no pool for our kids S of 80.
Sustainable Planned Technology
hub connecting america
Renewed, invigorated, nationally relavant
rural safe sustainable
parks, arts, innovation
Efficient Welcoming Safe
Cool New Land
prosperity opportunity premier
Prosperous, safe, clean
Diverse, well-planned, educated
Positive and thoughtful expansion of services and opportunities
Planning; Preparation; Managed
Controlled limited planned
Controlled growth is beneficial, not the kind we had in every direction before the 2007 crash
Clean sustainable affordable
thriving, progressive, mindful
planned, sustainable, diverse
Future green city
safety; cleanliness; repairs
Healthcare, affordable housing
Sustainability - Reasonability - Refurbish
vibrant sustainable intelligent
Protect resources better
Small town resort
Ummm not today
Sustainable Vibrant Connected
manage water resources
small town vibe
Jobs Streamline Green
less government, lower taxes, no subsidies
Well planed growth
natural, beautiful and spacious.
efficient safe supportive
Family friendly growth
I would like to see some repairs to our allies and more speed control on our streets
Clean up properties
Safe. Vibrant. Leadership.
don't screw it up!
sufficient affordable water
Humanity, Charity, Education
Better environmental care.
Lower income housing
enviromentally sensitive community
small town feel
Adequately Funded Infrastructure
Planned, thoughtful, smart
Friendly, Clean, Neatualy Beautiful
Friendly, healthy, prosperous
Controlled growth and higher paying jobs
hopeful. peaceful. communal
eclectic, healthy, airport
Better education system
Quality, stability, fairness
Better than ever
Beautiful, Clean, Friendly
progressive education oriented
Reduce crime rate, better education, increase jobs
Promising, giving, positive
Planned growth non political
taxes schools environment
Controlled responsible Growth
Safe clean prosperous
Clean up the Downtown area it is a disgrace
New and improved
Preserve natural environment.
Regional thinking, university (hub), technology (hub)
Smart; Educated; Caring
Honest, Ethical, Accurate
thriving outdoor city
Better Public Support
Culture education arts
Clean vibrant exciting
Smart, responsible and gradual
prevent runaway growth
frugal tolerant conservative
Less government involvement
Preserve its natural beauty
We will live.
Green safe friendly
Beautiful, engaging, inviting
Healthy Sustainable Growth
Wise water management.
get free water
Controlled growth
Diversity collaboration opportunity
Beautiful, Friendly, and Not over-crowded
Cleanliness, Profitable, Planned
Stable, successfull, diverse
Maintain our quality
natural healthy smart
Managed, sustainable growth.
inclusive, safe, friendly
Watchful, wisdom, abundance
Smart calculated growth
Educated, environmental, energetic.
prosperous, quality, success
Structure foresight planning
Safety, Security, Tolerance
Friendly, productive, wholesome
Family parks, dog parks, county fairs bake offs etc
sustainable, environmentally conscious development that focuses on the wellbeing of the community
Smart Growth, Water
Build Infrastruct
more community involvement
Future planning votes
Sustainable Shared Prosperity
Smart decisions
Growth that helps
Biggest. Little. City
Californians are greedy
Jobs, beautification, education
Slow planned growth
Sustainable Modern Fun
Kindness and pride
Planned growth, realistic expectations
Hometown, historical, American
stability, prosperity, peace
Please manage growth
Quality, sustainability, education
Safe fun stable
Slow, thoughtful, managed
sustainable equitable vibrant
Start planning NOW!
positive, liberal, well-planned
progressive green inclusive
Keep traffic flowing
Zoning for low density housing.
Diversified economy, stable housing market, strong education and future opportunities for our youth
Sustainable planned growth
fix infrastructure first
Outdoors, sustainable, accessible
safe clean friendly
Revitalization Vibrant Active
intelligent planned growth
security, small town feel, activities
Well planned sustainable growth. Good infrastructure. Setting aside land for parks, greenspace.
working together works
to be a top destination spot for family not just for adults, no advertising for brothels
Prioritize, support, harness data
engaged, thoughtful, exciting
Responsible, mindful, ecological
prosperous, active, community
Total Renewable Energy
Prosperity kindness and opportunity
green, sustaiable, walkable
Better leadership!
Natural, Exciting, Happy
Educated Professional Beautiful
healthy growth with infrastructure improvements
Safety, security, stability
Balance. Opportunity. Pride
Better than Reno
Cleanup growth & streets
culture recreation innovation
Smart, well-planned, innovative
well planned future, everyone must accept the fact that this area is changing and to a certain exten
Better education models
Planning Opportunity Security
To be a clean community! Maintaining downtown, areas around the river and our parks.
Better management
long term planning
Affordibility, Sustainability, Jobs
progressive/ thoughtful/humane
Success through dedication
Quality of life
Beauty, Prosperity, Advancement.
Amenities, sports, expansion
I am hopeful
Healthy, Inclusive, Welcoming
Safe, sustainable, quality
wholesome, caring & hard working
sustainable green managed
Clean, diverse,educated
Business. Growth. Clean.
fiscal responsibility with growth
Clean, safe, planned
Sustainable Growth
Smooth transitional growth
Prosperity peace sunshine
Small but prosperous
Ecological, Sustainable, Practical
well planned growth
Poor Planning scary
Planned, responible growth
forward thinking leaders
pro-active, strategic, liveable
Smart infrastructure growth
Diverse progressive welcoming.
Proper pre -planning prevents poor performance
Responsible, exciting, peaceful
planned regional growth
ending hate
Good management everywhere
Advanced planning effort
Economy, diversity, impactful
modernization, conservation, efficiency
Growth, Opportunity, Diversity
modern clean quality
Sustainable Progressive Fun
Clean, spacious, civilized
Working together for a better future
Active clean safe
Vibrant and sustainable
Plan Ahead Now
Growth management, urban development. Open span!!
Stop growth now.
Economic growth, smart growth, more opportunities
planed growth....innovating housing, how water is used...and solar panels on roofs, parking lots
I hope that it is a more bike friendly city and that schools become more of a priority.
Community living
controlled growth with strict restrictions regarding density
Foresight, Responsibility, Safety
controlled protected growth
sustainability, conservation, responsibility
Where's the water?
Fear! I don't want our city to turn into another Los Angeles. Too much traffic. Housing prices risi
Clean Safe Fun
sustain life quality
diversified energy recreation
keep it beautiful
Eclectic, Natural, Equitable
Progressive, safe, desirable
Diversification, Culture, Education
Growth without destroying enviroment
controlled growth
Better school system
Clean, maintained, respected.
Entrepreneurship and School Funding
Economically Diversified Community
controlled growth with attention to the master plan
Better roads
Better Public Service!
Intelligent -- constructive -- responsible
Wage growth,job opportunity, fair house
Reinvented, modern, community
Technology, Sustainability, Clean-up
"Controlled" growth and revitalization of existing housing. Find a balance for open space

TMRPA is the government agency responsible for land use planning in the Truckee Meadows region, which consists of Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County (excluding the Lake Tahoe area). Prior to reading these questions, which option best describes what you knew about TMRPA?

(307 responses by locals)
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I knew about TMRPA and what they do

I had heard of TMRPA but was not familiar with what they do

I had not heard of TMRPA

Not Sure

Any other comments or suggestions about growth in the Truckee Meadows region?

(166 responses by locals)
Unfiltered responses
Let's stop building huge warehouses. They tie up a ton of space and really limit future use of land. Also, when builders plan new communities, let's have more foresight on the impacts to traffic flow.
Build more schools
Our water supply is limited and may become more limited in the future if what some scientists predict about climate change comes true. This is an old worry, an old story, but it is time that we took it more seriously.
Growth is good and I just don't like it
Only build what we absolutely need not because someone wants to line their pockets with money.
development needs to be functional, quality and not a future burden on the community. It needs to pay its own way.
PRESERVE OPEN SPACE. STOP UNPLANNED GROWTH. AT STATE LEVEL REQURE DEVELOPERS TO PAY FULL IMPACT FEES. DO Not exempt Washoe and Clark COUNTIES. FEES should cover all Government buildins: SCHOOLS, FIRE, Police, PARKS. AVENUES with garden medians in the middle. STOP GIVE AWAYS to developers. STOP Giveaways to casinos. Stop giveaways to Stores. Stop Corruption.
Keep tahoe blue, but don't forget about the other lakes.
The traffic is getting worse every day so actually I am not happy about more growth.
It's an exciting time to be in Reno—I've lived in 12 states and too many cities to count, and I always return here. It's like no other place! I'm interested in helping to shape and execute the future vision of Reno. Please inform me of any volunteer opportunities.
Roads need to keep up with the growth.
Concerned that the businesses coming here are bringing population growth that is not sustainable. Water is rationed during drought years, wages aren't keeping up with cost and availability of housing, auto traffic has outpaced the infrastructure's capacity, schools are over crowded. The things that made this a nice place to live are going to be ruined if the growth is not managed.
Growing out is fine up growing up is more efficient on our resources.
Community and economic sustainability requires slow growth and support for all socio-economic levels without favoring any one. This is difficult, but should be demanded.
How are developers getting away with putting in new single family developments when the schools are already so overcrowded? I'd this planned for at all? My child attends Spanish Springs High, which is already over capacity and there is a new subdivision going in right now. It's ludicrous.
Take care of the Truckee river, first. I would like to see the park system expanded, and more natural meanders rebuilt in the river. It should be carefully modified such that it has much more water carrying capacity and can handle floods better - in a natural way. Things like marshes and natural stream meanders, including ox-bows, help with floods. Also increases wildlife. The Truckee should be considered the "Central Park of Reno". I also like the idea of revitalizing downtown by making it a walk-able area. I like the idea of combining this with whatever brings high-tech companies to downtown. I wish that Fourth street didn't have the industrial blight. I don't mind the seedy vibe it has - that can stay - it's a reflecting of Reno's past. But the industrial yards with giant tire piles and scrap metal are an eyesore. If those could get rezoned in to commercial and residential that would be great.
Proactive thinking. Plan appropriately for schools, parks, services, traffic.
We have a dire need for infrastructure planning for the future inhabitants.
Control drainage to keep water sources clean.
Prior to approving new subdivisions, consider impact on highway/road, street infrastructure, schools, water/wastewater treatment capacity and plan to meet those needs concomitant with growth - not after the fact.
Plan ahead, update regularly
Let's PLAN before hand for all the affects of growth - BEFORE we grow.
As a senior citizen, I welcome the driverless car (which I believe will prolong my independence). I believe serious thinking should start now to implement this technology.
While economic growth is important, and jobs are important to the community, I enjoy the small town feel we currently have.
I think it would benefit this region to proactively identify growth areas, contemplate necessary costs to realize development in those areas, and work to prioritize approval of projects in that maximize existing and planned infrastructure investments.
Minimize governmental oversight of our lives.
No more Star Bonds or tax subsidies. Parents assume responsibility for their children's education.
Look ahead and be careful about stretching our limited natural resources.
Before we start building a bunch of new housing developments why aren't they using the empty lots within the city to build?
All streets in the sun valley area need to be paved. Strict enforced rules concerning dead autos and other garbage on properties. Garbage brings more garbage and seems to have drugs conected to such properties
am angry with Washoe County for trying to push their land bill through before a fair review
Growth must be regulated by the lowest water levels so as not to create severe shortages.
TMWA seems to be doing a great job with our water. if indeed it really is our water. Government officials and elected representatives need to keep in mind what is best for our region. Too many special interest groups seem to run the show in our region.
Roads, schools and parks need to keep up with population.
Traffic planning, along with house planning along with overcrowded schools is a huge concern. I don't know the answers but I think we'd like to feel assured there's a great team together to plan smart and long term.
should be less influenced by gaming and mining
Very concerned about access to mental health and homelessness. It's an epidemic and a shame on our area that we cannot care for those less fortunate.
sun valley has not been able to provide commerce growth because of the limit on commercial growth outside of the so-called zone of influence which ends at McCarran and presumably protects the growth of dept stores and markets which are neded for those who have no transportation. Why in the world did RTC cut our #5 bus when it had one of the higher riderships in R-S? And why isn't there any transortation to the spanish springs/pyramid highway north? Not everyone has vehicles and I think that is why the shopping center on the Pyramid highway is struggling for survival. Why not a route (even hourly) ?
Can't ignore it so better to plan for best options rather than deal with unintended consequences later
Any way we can sell 'tax' as a quality of life issue?
Towns that do not grow, die. Simple as that. Though I love the small town feel of our area I realize the we need to continue to grow. We should be friendly and as accommodating as possible to developers that are bringing new businesses, jobs, and living areas to our region.
I would love to see nevada not rely on gambling so heavily. We need a change, and we need to upgrade downtown to make people want to come here. Or get a theme park. Make this a family destination
Growth should be planned with the people in mind not the profit companies can make on the backs of the citizens. Liveable salaries affordable housing good schools in every area parks recreation concern for seniors affordable healthcare jobs skill training green spaces more than 5 feet between houses etc etc etc
If businesses wish to relocate here, they need to be held accountable for their use of the employees they employ in regards to the environment, schools, and the effect they have on our area, and pay a fair share of taxes that go with supporting their businesses, they still need police protection, water and sewer use, they need their roads plowed from snow etc. and not given an automatic exemption of taxes just because they locate their businesses here in our area.
Growth should pay for growth
Make sure the playing field is level for everyone involved
None that would do any good expressing.
Don't overbuild with respect to the water supply
Businesses/jobs will not come without an educated work force and a good, safe quality of life. Lets move away from the casino and mining mentality. Make businesses pay taxes, stop bribing them to come, instead make it very desirable to bring business/people here with an educated workforce and culture, arts and outdoor options for all.
better roads, less traffic, enough water for all, deal with the homeless in a positive way
Don't allow runaway growth, need to catch up with current expansion by rebuilding existing roadways to handle existing expansion and tie growth to water supplies, sewer power and roadways.
We need to limit the number of people that move here and improve the level of knowledge about desert living of those that do. This is a desert and many that come here have NO IDEA what that means. They have no qualms about wasting water and are clueless about how little we actually get in any given year. We also need to invest in the construction of upstream flood reservoirs before the next flood. The water WASTED this last month is a recurring cycle that happens about every 10 years and we do NOTHING to prepare for it. This is where we need to be investing.
Please don't force existing wells and septic systems to jump in and help pay for new infrastructure. If new developers and residents want to move in, have them fund their own infrastructure.
Love what is happening Midtown, love parks and trails, love the small town/big city feel, love to see more options for homeless
Get fire department out of EMS
Work with the environment, resist development that only benefits the developer
Parking is an issue in the MidTown district!
Growth is important to keep economy healthy. However, as a community, we need to decide what kind of growth to encourage and what to discourage. The drought has shown that we are at risk as a community. We are managing water based on early 20th century law. That's going to bite us one of these days. I'm thankful that our economy is becoming more diversified.
Protection of our natural assets is vital.
When planning for new growth and giving tax breaks to large corporations coming into Nevada the legislature needs to stop putting the burden of growth on the backs of the civil servants!
The first question was very difficult to answer. I don't have a knee jerk response to growth. I want to know the impacts of growth, and understand that it can be planned or unplanned, smart or sloppily negotiated. I prefer smart growth, obviously -- so that we can become a place that's known for all the right things (good jobs, affordable housing, clean air, healthy lifestyle) and no longer for all the wrong things (terrible school system, uneducated population, casinos that pull the strings, a lot of income inequity).
quality projects
Concentrate on what we have at home, not how much more we can bring in
I am concerned about suburban sprawl. Maintaining open spaces is vitally important to the health and wellbeing of the individuals who live within an area. It is also important to the health of the environment.
Stick to reagional and master plans.
not at this time
For the planners, if you plan for future, growth, you better ensure that the facilities built to support it are fully funded for maintaining them after the fact. Nothing is worse than asking voters to uphold an idea because of piss poor long range planing. Govt agencies are great to put action plans in place, but terrible in maintaining facilities afterwards. Your welcome. Dave Hook. MSgt, USAF, retired.
I am not anti-growth but it needs to be carefully managed so that the benefits can be enjoyed by everyone. I don't want Reno to end up like San Francisco, with huge disparities in wealth and people living on the street because they can't afford housing. We also need to remember that we live in a desert and that this region can't handle unlimited population growth. TMRPA needs to adopt environmentally sustainable growth polices that ensure economic fairness and social equity. The focus should be on long-term investments for the public good (e.g., living wages, clean energy, public transportation, education, preserving the environment, support for local farms and businesses), rather than the short-term generation of profits for private developers and multinational corporations.
Move bike lanes to side streets. Don't make it OK to step into street with out addressing oncoming traffic.
Quit the tax and other incentives to bring companies here.
Keep Nevada Nevada and resist making it California East.
With growth comes congrstion, which breeds anger. Please reverse the "lane diet" that only frustrates normally calm residents. My husband and I are bike riders, and we always choose a side street to ride on insteaf of a main thorough way. It's much more pleasant. Please space houses so there is ample parking and we don't feel like trapped rats fighting for space and water. Who wants to be like LA where the crime rate is high?
Don't let construction set the standard for growth.
Keep it coming! Just don't leave the poor and less privileged behind
More of an effort needs to be made to add development to existing neighborhoods. Small projects can revitalize older neighborhoods and prevent sprawl.
Embrace our historical past- don't erase it! Look toward healthy safe alternative transportation such as an elevated bike path along the entire McCarren loop and along Sun Valley Blvd.
Developers must be held responsible for the impact of their developments on the existing infrastructure. Water, sewer, fire protection, police, schools, and traffic management all become more problematic, and more expensive, as the communities grow. Developers must contribute to those costs.
I am one of the many individuals who work in the Tahoe Basin but am unable to afford the high rent prices in the area and had to move to Reno.
Infrastructure such as roads, water and sewer, communications and schools. Get developers to include school and road construction in their project plans.
Growth is great as long as we provide schools for the children within the new neighborhoods, freeways and transportation system must keep up with the growth (ie, see Vegas) as well as employment opportunities.
Stop taking contractor money. Listen to the residents. Think about where the increased demand for water will come from. We live in this area because it is semi-rural and lacks all the inconvinces of a densely populated area.
We need to be smart about how we manage growth so that the region maintains the things we love about it now: natural beauty, affordability, accessibility and charm.
I hope that Truckee Meadows will start planning now on how to handle the expected growth. If they do, the growing pains will be considerably less. The planning would need to include all aspects for growth from water availability, especially during droughts, to schools to traffic to jobs that will allow people to make a decent wage.
Concerned about housing communities drilling wells in the south Reno/Mt. Rose area-- thanks to draining the water table, residents like my parents have had to re-drill costing them a lot of money. I think communities need to be regulated or required to pipe tap water instead of drilling wells.
Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful and Clean
Offer school choice. Consider water resources. Keep traffic flowing. Don't over build.
Protect wetlands. Keep housing off the ridges. Save walking access.
Infrastructure must be completed before the growth that requires it is built.
Encourage growth; however, should your entity have any say, keeping property taxes in check (continued cap on upside appreciation of taxes), avoiding mello-roose, and other affordability squashing expenses are a must for keeping our area both attractive and as affordable as possible.
return park funding
Careful plaNing will benefit all.
Growth and road planning have been HORRIBLE in past years. It's time to do some intelligent planning that benefits all the residents, not just developers.
Planning for growth with the needs of our schools, the expansion of roads and the capacity of our water as top priorities.
be respectful of all viewpoints and work together to find solutions for our ever changing community
The towns that are most beautiful and inviting have public lands set aside that are not developed but contribute much to the community like parks, trails, and even inaccessible greenspace. Development of these projects can be through a combination of public funds and private donations. Please don't build wall-to-wall neighborhoods and commercial developments!
Need to make the skate park in Sun Valley a water park for dogs people to walk around, picnic etc. then move the skate park to a better location near the same place but out of a pit so it wouldn't flood again. Sun Valley gets left out of most things because it is a landing place for a lot of "idiots".. and yes I was putting that nicely. However, if we could spruce it up and make it really nice more people would move to this area and hopefully outnumber the "idiots". Just sayin'
The increase of cost of housing in our area is hurting scores of locals. People are taking advantage of the market and forcing renters to pay with nothing in return.
Maintaining open space is critical to keeping our area beautiful. The outdoors is gorgeous and people love it. I do not want to see housing creeping up our mountainsides and taking away the essence of where we live and why we live here
No additional comments at this time. Thank you for the opportunity to give my input.
More consolidation.
There needs to be a focus on building new schools and eliminating the over crowding. We need to be more proactive then reactive to economic changes. Build for the future not the present.
Careful planning so that all residents benefit.
Would like to see the homeless cleaned up along the river
No buildings in flood plains or on steep slopes. Earthquake proof dams and buildings. Drought consideration, traffic evaluation.
We need more interesting attractions, racing in all of its forms, for example. I hate going to California to spend my money for many of the attractions they have to offer.
The Spaghetti Bowl is a nightmare. I'm concerned what 98,000 more residents will do to navigating this major interchange. We need pre-planning and safe transitions between our two major byways.
Do not over develop.. we seem to have a lot of empty buildings. Maintain our natural landscape which sets us apart from the other states. Love Reno😊
Need a better traffic flow
More housing, better road repair, more snow plows
Must be managed, so as to be sure that everyone benefits - not just developers and the wealthy.
We need to work with new growth to make sure it succeeds. Get to know who is moving to our area and how we can form a union with the new people to make everyone's life good.
Avoid leap frog growth as in Las Vegas, encourage in-fill and sensible zoning rather than zoning based on highest property tax values only
My hope is that TMRPA will monitor business and housing growth, and plan for the added traffice accordingly by being proactive in building and modifying roads to handle the added population.
Concern about income inequality and new comers pushing out long term residents in terms of lack of affordable housing and catering to the new rich transplants.
We should always set aside large open spaces for parks, walking/bike trails and other outdoor recreational activities. This is what our area have been blessesd with and should preserve for everyone to enjoy.
Please keep us better informed.
Road network needs to keep up with demand
Limit growth until infrastructure can support it
I would like to see thoughtful controlled growth, with emphasis on infrastructure and education and husing.
Past growth has outgrown infrastructure improvements, water roads schools, new growth must incorporate infrastructure improvements as a prerequisite to that growth.
South Reno has a large number of Apts and new home tracks being built or planned. I have not heard of any plans for more schools? Approximately 8 years ago my kids were rezoned from Brown elementary to Hunsberger Elementary due to overcrowded schools. (That was terrible)The schools are even more overcrowded now what's the plan? Pine middle school is not a close option for South Reno kids, I wish these developments would be required to build schools and parks before they could build more homes. When Montreux built the golf course and all the surrounding homes were built the people on Fawn Lane all lost their Wells and many had to have their Wells dug deeper at a very expensive cost. Luckily threy sued and we're compensated for their costs but there isn't enough water to keep adding houses on top of houses!! We built our home in South Reno to get away from the crowding but now we are getting crowded out too. It's really sad.
Consider vertical growth as an investment in our future. Let's be an example of public transportation done correctly. Walking and biking to work safely, makes for a happy population. :)
Consider residents when making decisions not just developer's
Planning and building for the future is paramount if our quality of life in the Truckee Meadows is to maintain and improve. The issue is how to accomplish this without over regulating and pushing the burden on the citizens. For as long as I have lived in the Truckee Meadows every project and growth is managed after the fact and not pro-actively. I realize there is a balance but we need to start being strategic with our plans instead of reactive. I.E. the Pyramid and McCarran exchange, the spaghetti bowl, infrastructure for new homes as well as traffic and air quality impacts. Planning for the long term needs to be utilized instead of planning for immediate relief.
Don't screw it up.
This survey does not work correctly on my mobile device. Some answers were input in error due to this software.
We need more schools please, especially in the northern valleys. We also need more grocery stores up that way too.
I would love to see a quicker travel route from Spanish Springs to I-80!
Public Transportation and Bike Lanes Please. We have one chance to get this right, if it is pushed off until traffic is unmanageable it will be too late. Please aim to become like Portland not Seattle.
Respond to the business growth happening here. We've been waiting for it for a long time
Better, affordable senior housing; improved public transportation(RTC); quality of life; better traffic patterns(congestion) For the most part, I think area government is pro-active with most community concerns
Growth is Inevitable. Plan 20 Years Ahead of Our Present Time~!!!!!~
We have and are experiencing a substantial increase in crime, taxes and traffic congestion among other issues associated with the growth in the region over the past 15-20 years. If these issues are addressed and solved than growth would be fine, otherwise, severely limit future growth.
riparian area restoration
Have safer bike lanes, and make sure that more schools are built to sustain all the students who will be coming to the Truckee Meadows region.
Expand local bus routes
Start building now for the TM region as it will be in 20 years.
As a retired teacher, thank God the voters saw fit to vote in monies for school building.
I urge Washoe County, Carson City, and the cities of Reno and Sparks to be more responsible in planning for more growth. They tend to be reactive rather than responsible about accurate projections of water, school, and infrastructure availability.
I think growth should be regulated. Builders need to be able to produce means to support communities, ie, water , schools, traffic, sewer. Developers and builders should be responsible for shouldering the cost of this infrastructure. I do not believe this has happened adequately in the past and now we are struggling with overcrowding in schools, traffic congestion, and water shortages.
Smog checks need to go away, cars with visible smoke should be fined.
Growth must be carefully planned and even restricted if insufficient resources are available.
Our transportation plans fall short. Simply expanding automobile routes is not the only solution
Seriously consider the growth factor into air quality.
I also believe it would be wise to not allow growth on surrounding foothills. Taos, NM does not allow this type of growth and I think it would be smart and preserve our views.
Long term water plan has to be addressed before more homes are built. Stop implementing new taxes on gasoline, entertainment, etc.. Las Vegas gas on average is 50 cents a gallon lower than Washoe county, ridiculous. Quit raising existing homeowners monthly expenses, like sewer, to pay for new developments. Ensure main veins of traffic are in place BEFORE building homes. Traffic on 395 N & S to Cold Springs is at a crawl during commuting hours contributing to numerous accidents. Same with spaghetti bowl, terrible road plans. Address homeless situation. Recent flooding brought the river dwellers to attention, why allow them to set up camps on what should be family use areas, Zero tolerance. Clean up bad neighborhoods, hold slum lords responsible for who their tenants are & condition of their buildings. A sweep for illegals should be done in Washoe county. We have tolerated employers hiring people without legal status for too long. Maintain "Little City" feel while growing big.
Follow through with projects. When you see urban blight, do something about making them clean it up. Some of Reno older and used to be areas are falling victim to this. Growth is good!
As we have recently been made aware -- Mother Nature can severely withhold water from our region. If we are to allow growth then we must first find a reliable source of water !!
You need to bring Regional Banks into the area with the understanding that they will finance LOCAL Developers and Builders on housing projects. The current housing shortage was predicted BEFORE the Tesla deal was signed - it's inexcusable. The local builders who stayed and raised their families in Northern Nevada deserve to have FIRST BIDS on schools, housing and roads, not to mention the opportunity to purchase long term County-held water rights.
Controlling current crime and the future controlling of crime. With an expected 98,000 projected influx of people.
A lot of money gets wasted in the community on "good" ideas.... That don't turn out to be that great of ideas.... I would really like to see a more open, accessible, community involved TMRPA.... I personally have had many ideas for various projects around the city, that I feel would have worked better and saved the city money in the long run (spaghetti bowl is a great example, how many times are we going to make it better, spend millions, only to find out that ideas was no better than the previous).
I would love to see a Green Waste container along with our recycle and regular trash containers. The green waste (yard clippings and food scraps) should go into a compost area rather than the regular landfill.
We need better schools and improvements to the highways (especially the spaghetti bowel where there a lot of accidents and congestion) with growth.
Provide an increase in training/education opportunities in 21st century job skills in order to fuel economic growth in high tech ventures.
I haves lived in two larger cities that grew and with planning, but growth blew past plans and expectations and traffic is nightmare in those cities.
If we can get more jobs and stimulate our economy as well as our education, I'm all for it, even if it does mean more traffic in our area.
Our roads, our housing, our environment and our community services all need to be considered when planning for the growth in our region.
Infilling should be utalized, and filling the empty buildings or repurposing the space, wish there were more parks in established areas
Need good ideas to move forward quit making suggestions about now make suggestions for the future developments plan ahead for a change

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