Case Study: Elected Officials Need FlashVote

The noisy few

An elected official in Nevada was excited about a new proposal to improve the community’s trash service.

He had heard from lots of citizens by phone, by email and at public meetings. People even came up to him in the grocery store.

Based on all of his data he was confident there was a community consensus. In his own words:

“a majority are in favor and the rest don’t give a crap”

It felt like a no-brainer. But he was smart enough to have FlashVote survey the topic a few days before the vote.

Hearing from the many

The results came in a few hours before the meeting…

  • Two-thirds of citizens were AGAINST the changes
  • Citizens identified UNKNOWN PROBLEMS with the proposal
  • Citizens suggested BETTER ALTERNATIVES

All the self-selected voices had led him astray!

The broader community didn’t see the proposal as an “improvement” at all.

Disaster averted

Citizens pointed out several ways the changes would inconvenience everyone. Many were obvious in hindsight, but hadn’t been considered. Some people even made clever suggestions to fix those problems.

The board unanimously rejected the proposal and saved the community over $1,000 per citizen.

A multi-million dollar blunder was prevented with a single FlashVote survey.

How many mistakes could you prevent with a whole year of FlashVote?

Join all the other counties, cities, towns and special districts who have discovered the benefits of FlashVote.

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That’s just one reason elected officials and citizens love FlashVote.

Here are some of the other nice things they have said about us:

Goodbye career ending mistakes.
Hello FlashVote.

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