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Case Study: Why Staff Love FlashVote

The noisy few

A city in Southern California was convinced that citizens hated their parks.

To manage costs, they had cut back on the frequency of maintenance and all they got was complaints. No one ever emailed or came to meetings to say anything nice about the parks.

All the negativity was wearing down staff morale. Even the best park employees were questioning their work and losing their pride.

Hearing from the many

The city’s communications manager had a hunch that the negative feedback might not be representative. They signed up with FlashVote and the first survey we did was Parks Satisfaction.

The results were available 48 hours after launch…

Surprising results

The vast majority of citizens loved the parks!

Citizens gave the parks an impressive 4.0 out of 5 for overall quality.

Staff were shocked and delighted to see the results. They also enjoyed seeing hundreds of constructive comments, including suggestions to help make the parks better, and many compliments.

Just one FlashVote survey changed everything for them.

What can a whole year for FlashVote surveys do for you?

Join all the counties, cities, towns and villages who are enjoying the benefits of FlashVote in 20+ states so far. See why we’re winning awards and growing fast.

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They aren’t the only ones who love FlashVote.

Look at what other local government staff have told us:

“FlashVote is amazing”
Tracy Franklin – Public Information Officer
City of South Lake Tahoe, CA

Ready to cut through the noise with true community input?

You’ve seen what FlashVote has done for others. Now let’s talk about all the great things it can do for you.