Why Governments Need FlashVote

We found out the public input problem is huge (1:03)

We explained why governments have a public input problem (0:51)

We learned that online surveys are part of the problem (1:10)

We learned how (and how quickly) online engagement goes bad (1:36)

We saw that complaints are totally unrepresentative feedback (1:00)

We saw that emails are totally unrepresentative too (1:04)

We’ve helped governments solve lots of different problems (1:33)

How FlashVote Works

We made a short video to explain FlashVote to governments (0:53)

A customer made a great video to explain FlashVote to their citizens (1:03)

We made a “based on a true story” video for elected officials (2:52)

Why does FlashVote work? A customer explained the science really well (1:08)

Join all the other counties, cities, towns and special districts who have discovered the benefits of FlashVote.

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