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Why Governments Need FlashVote

We found out the public input problem is huge (1:03)

We explained why governments have a public input problem (0:51)

We learned that online surveys are part of the problem (1:10)

We learned how (and how quickly) online engagement goes bad (1:36)

We saw that complaints are totally unrepresentative feedback (1:00)

We saw that emails are totally unrepresentative too (1:04)

We made an interactive card trick to test if you get misled by the noisy few (3:07)

We’ve helped governments solve lots of different problems (1:33)

How FlashVote Works

We made a short video to explain FlashVote to governments (0:53)

A customer made a great video to explain FlashVote to their citizens (1:03)

We made a “based on a true story” video for elected officials (2:52)

Why does FlashVote work? A customer explained the science really well (1:08)

A TV news report highlights how confusing public input can be (0:41)

What about school districts? We recorded a 5 minute presentation for them too…

Webinars and Presentations

How to Use Data to Improve Government Communications (32 min)

Featuring Aly Van Dyke, Director of Communications and Public Engagement for the City of Georgetown, Texas

How to Reach the Hard to Reach – 3CMA Talk (21 minutes)

Featuring Kevin Lyons, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of FlashVote

Join all the other counties, cities, towns and special districts who have discovered the benefits of FlashVote.

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