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What do customers say about us?

  • “Oh my gosh, how did I live without this?”
    – City Communications Manager
  • “You knock transparency out of the park”
    – City Manager
  • “If you’re thinking about using FlashVote, just pull the trigger!”
    – Assistant City Manager
  • “Incredibly valuable in our efforts to engage and communicate”
    – Special District PIO
  • “Fast, simple reliable surveys that we can trust”
    – County Supervisor
  • “If you aren’t using FlashVote, you’re kind of an idiot”
    – City Manager

Our customers like to tell others about FlashVote. Sometimes we find it on video…

Placer County

Shawna Purvines, Principal Planner, talks about using FlashVote for their award winning input on housing policy.

City of Plymouth

Laurie Hokkanen, Administrative Services Director, explains why FlashVote gives scientific data, at a city council meeting.

City of Arlington

Jay Warren, Director of Communication and Legislative Affairs, talks about tools that make your job easier in government.

City of Roseville

Megan MacPherson, Director of Communications, explains how they used FlashVote for budget cuts and why they chose it.

South Lake Tahoe

Tracy Franklin, PIO, mentions FlashVote in a TV interview so we made a 1 minute video from the segment.

Public Meetings

Users talk about FlashVote at public meetings

“I can’t imagine not having FlashVote available to me!”
Laurie Hokkanen – Administrative Services Director
City of Plymouth, MN
“FlashVote is like smartphones when they first came out. You might think, why would I need a smartphone to make phone calls? Then after you use one, you think, oh my gosh, how did I live without this?”
Francie Palmer – Public Information Officer, CAPIO Communicator of the Year
City of Rancho Cucamonga, CA
“The ease of this program… is great. We found the technology to be super simple – in part because they were great partners with us – and gave us some really good data to use.”
Jay Warren – Director of Communication and Legislative Affairs
City of Arlington, TX
“What I appreciate is that FlashVote treats every interaction I have with them as important. It may be just a survey on backyard chickens, but it is important to us. FlashVote understands that.”
Sherry Fletcher – Director, Marketing and Civic Engagement
City of Stillwater, OK
“FlashVote has proven to be incredibly valuable in our efforts to engage and communicate with our community and constituents. FlashVote is now a part of our strategic plan and we look forward to expanding our use of this unique platform in the coming years.”
Kurt Althof – Grants & Public Information Administrator
Tahoe City Public Utility District, CA
“FlashVote’s expertise in survey design and their knowledge of how local government works are invaluable.”
Jen Merino – Community Relations Coordinator
Placer County, NV
“FlashVote is amazing”
Tracy Franklin – Public Information Officer
City of South Lake Tahoe, CA

Join all the other counties, cities, towns and special districts who have discovered the benefits of FlashVote.

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That’s just some of the feedback we get…

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