What do customers say about us?

Kurt Althof

Grants & Public Information Administrator
“FlashVote has proven to be incredibly valuable in our efforts to engage and communicate with our community and constituents. FlashVote is now a part of our strategic plan and we look forward to expanding our use of this unique platform in the coming years.”

Tahoe City Public Utility District, CA

Jen Merino

Community Relations Coordinator
“FlashVote’s expertise in survey design and their knowledge of how local government works are invaluable.”

Placer County, CA

Tracy Franklin

Public Information Officer
“FlashVote is amazing”

City of South Lake Tahoe, CA

(We didn’t ask her to say that on TV, but we appreciate it. Watch below).

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That’s just some of the feedback we get…


Citizens love making their voice heard and helping their governments.

“This product holds the potential of changing my political affiliation from disgusted to engaged!”
“The best idea that has come out in years.”
“I love it.”
“It was incredibly easy.”
“FlashVote is great.”
“That was cool.”
“I was immediately satisfied.”
“This is such a wonderful idea.”
“It’s great to have a forum like this to express our opinions.”
“I like “Flash Vote”. Makes me feel that our town council cares what I think. Much different from the last 8 years. Please continue.”
“These are rad!”

Elected officials love learning what the public actually wants them to do.

“FlashVote is the best thing to happen in this community in the 30 years I’ve been here.”
“Fast, simple reliable surveys that we can trust.”
“A great process.”
“A dream come true.”
“I’m really impressed with its capabilities thus far.”

Government managers love knowing how to maximize citizen satisfaction.

“A no-brainer.”
“You’ve got a real hit here!”
“You knock transparency out of the park.”
“A unique survey tool that actually is a citizen engagement tool.”
“If you’re not using it, you’re kind of an idiot.”
“Solves one of the biggest problems we have.”
“This is tremendous.”
“Any city should have this.”
“I think its a great, great product.”
“Pretty damn neat.”

Communications staff love engaging and informing so many citizens.

“This is mind-blowingly cool and easy.”
“I love it, I love it, I love it.”
“I can’t believe the number of responses.”
“FlashVote is fantastic.”
“Nothing else is doing this.”
“Really worth it, so simple too.”
“I’m kind of amazed.”
“It makes all the difference for decision making.”
“FlashVote is the tool that best accommodates our needs.”
“This is awesome!”
“This is exactly what we’ve been looking for.”
“There are so many good uses for it.”
“Our city council is addicted to FlashVote.”
“If you are thinking about FlashVote, just pull the trigger.”
“The answer to what we need in the simplest way.”
“A new approach to traditional survey methods.”

We’ve even caught feedback on video

A customer talks about FlashVote on local TV (1:11)

Users talk about FlashVote at public meetings (1:15)

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