Hear from the many,
not just the noisy few

Hear from the many, not just the noisy few

Get statistically valid public input in 48 hours.
Solve big problems and serve your whole community better with data-driven decisions.

Get statistically valid public input in 48 hours. Serve your whole community better with data-driven decisions.

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Trusted by leading local governments across the country like:

Minute to take a survey
Hours for results
Answers collected
Mistakes avoided

How it works

FlashVote makes scientific survey data ridiculously easy, fast and useful

FlashVote gets large samples of representative residents to answer professionally designed questions – quickly, frequently and automatically.

Governments use our timely and scientific data to serve residents better, to save serious money, and to build broad community trust.

FlashVote does everything you want

We’re government and technology experts who’ve spent years working to understand and address all your public input needs.

You want…


to reach people who don’t use email

reaches residents by email, text and phone

professionally designed questions

will write questions and answers for you

help picking topics and questions

has proven recommendations for you

good surveys for every service you have

has a survey library you can use

automatic data collection and reports

does everything after a survey is approved

You don’t want…


people taking surveys multiple times

is user-based and secured by logins

outsiders skewing results

filters results by physical addresses

survey results that take months

reports results 48 hours after launch

to calculate and distribute results

compiles and sends results for you

confusing data analysis

has simple built-in charts and filters

FlashVote is super-easy for residents and governments


Participation by email, text or phone call


Easy access to full results dashboard

See how one city overcame the noisy few to boost staff morale

Budget cutbacks led to less park maintenance which led to complaints. But were the complainers representative of the whole community? Read the case study and see the survey that immediately fixed staff morale.

Read the Case Study SEE THE SURVEY

Budget cutbacks led to less park maintenance which led to complaints. But were the complainers representative of the whole community? Read the case study and see the survey that immediately fixed staff morale.

Also check out these brief FlashVote case studies from:


Prevented bad service and saved serious money.


Dodged a $30 million mistake by using our survey data.


Helped save $10 million in a budget while building trust.

Join all the other counties, cities, towns and special districts who have discovered the benefits of FlashVote.

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What can you do with FlashVote?


Get scientific data, 90% faster, cheaper and easier


Engage 10x more residents in productive new ways


Inform the public and find out what they don’t know


Measure performance and satisfaction automatically


Don’t you love having scientific survey data from residents?

Don’t you hate all the effort and expense to do surveys?

Good survey data makes everyone’s job easier. But professional surveys are a ton of work for governments. From drafting questions to collecting input to calculating and reporting results, they take months of staff time and calendar time (plus tens of thousands of dollars for consultants).

FlashVote combines expert consulting and patent-pending software technology into an automated scientific survey service for governments. No more guessing what residents want or think. No more speculation and disagreements among officials. FlashVote is effortless for staff and fun for residents. We’ve even made data analysis so simple that anyone can do it. Goodbye cross-tabulations, hello dropdown menus.


How many residents are giving you useful input each month?

Less than 100? Less than 10? Any?

You’re not getting the engagement numbers you want. Public trust is suffering as a result. About 70% of local governments say they don’t have sufficient staff, knowledge and financial resources to do public engagement at all. This is a tragedy for everyone.

FlashVote has cracked the code for getting people engaged. And we’ve made it into a simple and affordable service for governments. Participation is so easy and fun for residents that they will routinely give you input, by the hundreds or thousands. How often will residents answer FlashVote surveys? Here’s what they told us after using the service:

You can do a few surveys to a few dozen each year with your residents. You’ll get great input from people you’ve never heard from. As you engage your quiet and busy majorities, you’ll build trust with your whole community.


Are your residents getting the information they need?

How do you know which messages are getting through?

Think of the money and staff time that is wasted because of misinformation in your community. If you’re like most governments, its one of the main complaints you have. You’d love better informed residents.

FlashVote customers use our “Did You Know _____?” questions to inform people and measure how informed they are, all in one simple step. From service tips to upcoming events, residents get the information they need in a way that also helps them learn and remember it.


Are you doing a good job serving your community?

Are you sure?

Governments with performance data do a better job for their community. They also uncover little problems or mistakes early, before they blow up into expensive messes. Too bad its always been really hard to get the data that you need.

Now its ridiculously easy. Whether you want annual satisfaction metrics or open-ended suggestions, the FlashVote software application and automated survey platform can be set up so you never have to lift a finger. The helpful data you want will be collected and reported automatically. You’ll always have the information you need to make your community happier.

“FlashVote is amazing”
— Tracy Franklin, Former PIO, City of South Lake Tahoe, CA

Your residents are waiting to help you. What are you waiting for?

You’ve seen what FlashVote has done for others. Now let’s talk about all the great things it can do for you.



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