FlashVote helps you make a difference in your community

About FlashVote

FlashVote gets statistically valid community input in 48 hours, on any topic. So governments never have to be misled or bullied by the noisy few.

FlashVote makes scientific survey data over 90% easier, faster and cheaper. This means any local government can afford to know what their community thinks, wants, and needs.

Citizens love FlashVote because it is always fast and convenient for them. They have exceptional levels of participation and trust in FlashVote because we are independent from governments and we do thorough, non-partisan quality control for all surveys.

Governments love FlashVote because it helps them get the exact data they need to make informed decisions. This means they make citizens happier and build public trust. We can even help them save millions of dollars.

Governments anywhere can now use FlashVote. To learn more click here.

About Governance Sciences Group

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Governance Sciences Group uses cutting-edge science and technology to help make our governments better.

We draw on Nobel prize winning insights and broad experience with public and private governance of all kinds. We are a thought leader and an action leader for good governance.

We imagine new ways that governments and citizens can collaborate to better serve public purposes and interests. Then we build the tools that make those collaborations possible. We also do extensive testing with governments and citizens to make sure our solutions really work.

Our first product is FlashVote, which is helping counties, cities, towns and special districts hear from the many, not just the noisy.


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