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Results of Stillwater, Okla., Preparedness Survey Shared

Last week, the City of Stillwater asked residents to complete its latest FlashVote survey to determine how prepared they are for emergencies and what steps they have taken to get ready.


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Communities discuss using technology to innovate

Working with the company FlashVote since last year, Sudbury has used two online polls to gather opinions about large-scale projects. […] “We all feel like we’re moving in one direction when residents are part of the process,” [Town Manager Melissa Murphy-Rodrigues] said.

Mass municipal

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Chamblee launches new survey service provider

“We are proud once again to be pioneering technology that allows us to listen to our constituents. FlashVote is a way city staff and councilmembers can hear what residents want and then make the best decisions,” Chamblee Mayor Eric Clarkson said.

Chamblee – Atlanta journal

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El Dorado County fired up over homeowners insurance woes

A flash vote survey [was] conducted by El Dorado County in July in which 700 residents participated […] “The more voices that contact his office the better,” District 4 Supervisor Lori Parlin noted.

How we helped rural folks in Tahoe on affordable homeowner’s insurance

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Placer County adopts new short-term rental ordinance

The county began working on the ordinance after residents came forward urging the county to enforce stricter regulations on property owners. County staff held various public meetings and conducted extensive research about short-term rental ordinances in neighboring jurisdictions.

Placer County and short term rental

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What Do You think U.P. Should Look Like in 2045?

Residents and stakeholders will also be encouraged to enroll in FlashVote, which will provide them with the opportunity to answer brief, periodic surveys and weigh-in on key topics.

Future of university place

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Council forgoes referendum on Plymouth Creek Center expansion project, continues with design process

“People have told me again and again this is what they want,” said Carroll, who noted the importance of being public-minded even when an amenity won’t be used or desired by everyone. See results of the recent FlashVote below.

Plymouth Creek – skipped referendum

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Plymouth Creek Center $51.6M project moves forward after close City Council vote

The city of Plymouth put out a FlashVote survey to gauge the community’s feelings about the project. […] The project has seen both support and opposition from the community, with negative and positive comments on the two online surveys and at the two City Council meetings held this year about the project.

Plymouth Creek Center

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First FlashVote Survey a Success

Thanks to all those who participated in our first FlashVote survey on July 7-8 which asked for feedback on the Village at Chambers Bay. […] A total of 171 people participated in the three-question survey, which asked about the kinds of businesses they visited in the Village at Chambers Bay as well as how they felt about issues such as parking and the area’s mix of uses.

Chambers bay

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Cohasset is looking to implement the use of Flash Vote, a data collection company, for town polling.

“Comments on Facebook or Survey Monkey are not truly statistically valid or scientific,” Town Manager Chris Senior said. “What Flash Vote allows is to do is feel the pulse of the citizens. It’s a way of getting the community’s feedback on important questions.”

Cohasset on valid feedback

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