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Survey Results: Equity and Diversity

Survey Info - This survey was sent on behalf of Orange County Fair & Event Center to the FlashVote community for OC Fair Neighbors, CA.

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Total Participants
88 of 202 initially invited (44%)
610 others
Margin of error: ± 10%
Applied Filter:
Locals only
Jan 11, 2021 1:09pm PST
Jan 13, 2021 1:02pm PST
Target Participants:
All OC Fair Neighbors

The OC Fair & Event Center celebrates the diversity of Orange County and is seeking input from the public about how to equitably represent the community. Currently, the OC Fair & Event Center displays the American flag, the State of California flag, the OC Fair & Event Center logo flag and the Pride flag in three locations on the fairgrounds.

Which ONE of the following best describes what you think is the most equitable set of flags to fly?

In which ways, if any, would you like to see our county's diversity celebrated at the OC Fair & Event Center? (Choose all that apply)

Any other comments or suggestions for how OC Fair & Event Center can better celebrate all the cultures and communities in Orange County?

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