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Survey Results: Budget Process

Survey Info - This survey was sent on behalf of the City of College Station to the FlashVote community for College Station, TX.

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Total Participants
233 of 523 initially invited (45%)
1 other
Margin of error: ± 6%
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Locals only
Jun 29, 2023 11:06am CDT
Jul 1, 2023 11:03am CDT
Target Participants:
All College Station

Every year, the City of College Station goes through the process of creating an annual budget, then provides the final approved document online (as a PDF) and as a printed book.

In the last five years, which best describes your experience with the city’s annual budget documents?

In the last five years, how have you received information about the City budget? (Choose all that apply)

The city has an interactive budget tool called Balancing Act that allows citizens to rank their budget priorities and offer detailed feedback to city leaders.

Have you provided feedback online through Balancing Act before?

How would you prefer to give your input on the city budget? (You can choose up to FOUR, if any)

Any other comments or suggestions about how the city provides budget information, collects input, or otherwise runs its budget process?

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